Learn Science the fun way with Science Classic


Encouraging inventiveness and creativity


Moving from teacher-centric to learner-centric teaching


Connecting theoretical concepts to real-life applications


Nurturing curiosity and scientific temperament among learners



  • Courseware 1-8
  • Digital Content
  • Assessment Engine
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Training & Support
  • Nguru App
  • Customer Engagement Activities
  • Teacher’s Manuals

Learn Science through Activities with

Hands-On Learning

  • Activities completely mapped to the curriculum
  • Experiential learning helps to retain the concepts for long term
  • Connects the classroom learning concepts to the real-world applications
  • Encourages exploration and experimentation
  • Activity kits for Grades 1-8
  • Student Manual
  • Teacher’s Manual

Why Hands-On Activities?

  • Better Conceptual Clarity
  • Observation, Reflections & Assessments
  • Applying the Concepts to Real-Life Scenarios
  • Develops Creativity & Higher Order Thinking Skills

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