MathLab aims to change the way Mathematics has been taught in schools. This revolutionary approach towards student-centric explorative learning, takes Mathematics Hands on, making the students learn the concepts  in a fun & playful manner.  The digital multimedia, colourful books, intriguing manipulative, interesting mathematical tools and charts make learning an immersive experience.

Positively Impacting student learning

Our impact study conducted across 150 schools in 11 states, revealed a remarkable improvement in proficiency scores of students when MathLab Plus was used in classrooms



Build curiosity around concepts and encourage out-of-the-box thinking



Question the answers by framing hypothesis and testing it



Enable peer-to-peer, collaborative learning to enable knowledge sharing


MathLab Plus is an approach which enables students to engage and relate with Math. The various Multimedia tools, Physical manipulative and Activities help students imagine and observe the various facets of Mathematics


It follows a unique process of applying Math to everyday situations and practices through hands-on-activities. It contains all that may help students in exploration & applying  creativity while learning Math.


This is a unique approach of creating a MathLab like environment inside a classroom through a portable, state-of-the-art trolley which contains specialized learning tools to make Math a fun subject to learn.

MATH Classic

It is a 360 degree approach toward Math which is a combination of the best of inter-connected resources like interesting curriculum books, activities and multimedia helping students understand the inter-disciplinary nature of Math.

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  • The Math Lab of NIIT Nguru caters to students of primary and secondary classes. At the primary level, children learn mathematical concepts through manipulatives which are well designed. The hands on lab activities reinforce their understanding of concepts.

    Ms Subala Ananthanarayanan, Principal, Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School
  • NIIT Nguru’s MathLab gives hands-on experience to the students. Manipulatives like Tangrams and Centimeter cubes really help them in understanding the concepts. Students really enjoy making various polyhedrons using manipulatives.

    Ms Geeta Basavaraj, Principal, BGS International Residential School
  • The MathLab has started showing results in my school. My students won the junior and senior levels to lift the Champions Trophy of Mathematics league comptetion at the Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore.

    Ms Manju Sharma, Principal, Delhi Public School
  • Learning by doing in Maths which was once a dream, has come true. The subject which the students were scared off, has become interesting. NIIT MathLab is really a blessing for the young ignited minds who have gained practical knowledge through play way method. This innovative method and various appropriate manipulative have helped to rekindle interest in them

    Prashant Fernandes, Principal, Ryan International School

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