English Classic Series 

It is a holistic integrated solution for English language acquisition in a formal classroom environment. The curriculum reflects a new paradigm in teaching of English keeping in mind the post millennial learners and their futuristic learning needs. The series, with a focus on Multiple Intelligence and integrated learning approach uses innovative technology enabled solutions and resources that aim to foster 21st century skills among learners to achieve transformational and impactful learning goals.

Learn English the Classic Way

A learner driven solution aimed at being educational as well as inspiring for the ‘Generation Z’ learners’ who are digital natives and are competent to understand as well as master advancement in technology.


Contextual and cross-curricular content


Innovative classroom Activities


Spiral progression


Inter-disciplinary Approach


Contemporary topics and Projects


Computer based Interactivities


Life Skills


Special emphasis on phonics and vocabulary building


Digital access through varied platforms


Language is central to one’s intellectual, social and emotional development and has an essential role in all key learning areas. Thus, English Classic focuses on building learner’s competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills (LSRW) through the LAD (Learn-Apply-Diagnose) methodology, which also promotes creative, critical and analytical thinking skills among learners. A fine balance of communicative, structural and functional approach to ensure language acquisition and application at all levels.

English Classic – Transformation the fun way

English Classic series will be able to transform the learner by inculcating:

  • Communicative Competence: grammatical, linguistic, and sociolinguistic
  • Functional language use
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Critical, Analytical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Technological, Information and Media Fluencies
  • Multiliteracy skills
  • Sensitivity towards changing social dynamics and socio-cultural diversity.


  • Main course book for grades 1-8
  • Work book for grades 1-8
  • Faculty guide
  • Multimedia platform with assessment engine
  • 6 Easy QR Codes & Nguru App
  • Training support
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