• NIIT offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions and services...
  • NIIT offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions and services...

Nguru Advantage

  • for Students

    NIIT Nguru solutions help students to have an enriched experience of learning.

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  • for Parents

    NIIT Nguru solutions help parents to be better involved and informed.

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  • for Teachers

    NIIT Nguru solutions help teachers to incorporate ICT and make teaching-learning a better experience.

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  • for Schools

    NIIT Nguru solutions help the school management to utilize their resources in a better way.

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  • School Administration
  • Student Education
  • Teacher Development
  • For Student
NIIT Nguru solutions help the school administration to use the best of technology and create a healthy school ecosystem delivering faster and error free results.
NIIT Nguru suite of teaching-learning solutions enable teachers to increase their scope and also students to enrich their knowledge with the help of advanced technology.
NIIT Nguru solutions support teacher development by enhancing their professional expertise and making them well-versed especially in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
NIIT Nguru solutions aid individual learning in various ways like providing resources for continuous learning and also honing special interests and skills.
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"This Cloud based application is a very effective tool for dealing with day to day activities of schools like report card generation admission process,inventory management, fee collection,transpo...

Thomas T. Roy

Secretary Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India